As a member of CARIFORUM, the Dominican Republic (DR) is also a beneficiary of TAPSEC. Currently, the generation of electricity in the Dominican Republic is mainly based on fossil fuels, contributing 1/3 to the inventory of Greenhouse Gases. In 2019, 88.13% of electric power was based on fossil fuels and only 11.87% was generated by renewable energy, of which only 5.17% (6.27% with biomass) were non-conventional renewable energy.

In its climate targets, the Dominican Republic has committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by one-third by 2030 compared with existing levels in 2010.The Dominican Republic passed legislation on renewable energy in 2007 as part of its endeavors to achieve these targets.


The PTER will feature the following stations and experiences:

Key Political Counterpart

Ministry of Energy and Mining Dominican Republic (MEM)
Ministry of Energy and Mining Dominican Republic (MEM)