TAPSEC Building-on Sustainable Energy Successes of the Dominican Republic

With renewable energy legislation passed by legislators of the Dominican Republic in 2007, the country is moving progressively towards its renewable energy transition. 

In collaboration with the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM) in the DR, the Technical Assistance Programme for Sustainable Energy in the Caribbean (TAPSEC) has supported three key interventions in the DR in the areas of Energy Efficiency Law and Policies, the establishment of a Renewable Energy Theme Park (PTER), and supporting with the advice and financing of Grid Codes for the Dominican Power System. 

Simplification of Renewable Energy Licenses

Firstly, TAPSEC collaborates with the MEM to create the right balance of policies to ensure renewable energy is robustly integrated into the country’s energy landscape. For this intervention, TAPSEC supports the establishment of a One-Stop Investment Guide for RE licenses. 

This first intervention establishes an inter-agency mechanism for processes related to permits, certifications, and licenses for renewable energy imports thus opening the energy sector for both local and international investors to establish operations in compliance with local regulations. 

Additionally, the expectation is that this one-stop-shop will allow the authorization of at least ten (10) renewable energy projects by 2022. According to Charles De La Rosa, GIZ Sustainable Energy Adviser in the DR, the country has some 3,150 megawatts of concession capacity in renewable energy projects that could benefit from the simplification and automation of permitting processes. 

Advice, Financing of Grid Code of the Power System

Secondly, TAPSEC also supports the execution of a comprehensive review of the challenges and technical requirement demanded of generation plants that use Variable Renewable Energy (VRE) as primary sources. 

This support will see the DR transitioning to a generation park and a new grid code which allows for greater VRE utilization without compromising the quality and security of the supply. 

The large-scale integration of VRE in the DR’s electrical grid system has been identified as a major step forward for the country’s energy transition. 

Renewable Energy Theme Park (PTER)

Building on the other interventions, in Santo Domingo and Juan Bosh City, TAPSEC is supporting the establishment of a Renewable Energy Theme Park (PTER) through the execution of capacity development training for staff and financial support for an auxiliary backup system. The PTER is an Interactive-Interpretive renewable resource learning experience. 

Groups and individuals will have the opportunity to increase their knowledge on renewable energy sources by guided tours with trained staff or individually to explore the six immersive states which show the utilization of water, wind, sunlight, biomass for energy as well as the generation of power from stationary bicycles and other machines, as well as the rural application station with displays of an isolated photovoltaic system, domestic biodigester, Lorena stoves and efficient stoves. 

The Dominican Republic is a member of the CARIFORUM grouping which includes CARICOM member states. With 88% of electricity generation in the Dominican Republic coming from fossil fuels in 2019, the country has committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by one-third by 2030 compared to 2010. 

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