RUN Brings Together Academia, Industry, and NGOs

The primary objective of the Regional Universities Network (RUN) is to function as a “network of excellence” within the research, innovation and education ecosystem to help promote sustainable development within the region. In an effort to fulfil this mandate, the RUN hosted an hour-long open discussion themed ‘Cross-border collaborations: the role of academia, industry and NGOs’. 

The session kicked off with a presentation from Dr. Masao Ashtine, Managing Director and Co-founder of the Journal of Caribbean Environmental Science and Renewable Energy (CESaRE), a peer-reviewed academic journal highlighting environmental change throughout the region. 

Notable speakers included Programme Manager of the CARICOM Energy Unit, Dr. Devon Gardner and Executive Director of the Caribbean Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (CCREEE), Dr. Gary Jackson. Along with those in attendance, speakers discussed the misalignment of industry goals and goals within academia but highlighted the importance of collaboration despite differences. Dr. Ashtine stressed the need for information to be broken down and digestible for all levels of learning and highlighted the importance of youth involvement and contributions.  

A full recording of the conversation can be accessed here:

This webinar was executed by the CCREEE. This Important discussion, the first of its kind, was held on Friday, March 19. Others like this will be held monthly to facilitate the exchange of ideas through collaborative dialogue.