The Caribbean region is endowed with a wide variety of renewable resources and potential to generate clean energy. However, these resources are currently underexploited. Although investment in sustainable energy infrastructure and technologies in the region is growing, the stunted growth hinders the achievement of regional and national targets and goals. 

In the Caribbean energy sector, successful project preparation is fraught with challenges across both the public and private sectors. In order for Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Member States to meet international, regional and national energy targets, renewable energy and energy efficiency projects must be successfully developed and implemented. While there is a plethora of project plans currently in the region, there is a disconnect between the sustainable energy projects being conceptualized and the volume of untapped capital available.  

The Project Preparation Facility (PPF) therefore bridges this gap by addressing the technical barriers impacting the development of sustainable energy projects in the region. The PPF provides CARICOM Member States with project development support through advisory services, technical assistance and project developer-financier matchmaking. Our PPF services, tailored to meet the needs of project developers, project investors, financers, financial institutions and the public sector include:

  • Business plan refinement 
  • Project financial modelling and documentation 
  • Equity offer terms development 
  • Financier introduction 
  • Technical validation and feasibility studies  
  • Environmental and social impact assessments 

Project investors can also benefit from financier networking, deal flow management, and due diligence facilitation services 

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