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The CARICOM Energy Knowledge Hub (CEKH), is an information and knowledge management framework developed to ensure that appropriate, reliable and high-quality information is available and accessible within the region. The CEKH addresses the data and information gaps currently existing within the CARICOM region and enhances the efforts of regional decision-makers. The Hub gives access to energy statistics and information required for energy planning, decision‑support and awareness building.

The CEKH consists of a community of practice of sustainable energy practitioners (governments, utilities, regulators, private sector clean energy developers, universities, international development partners, and civil society), a data repository to ensure they have access to the best available information and knowledge to inform their decisions, a learning management system to enhance the capacity of practitioners within the energy space and a GIS Map Viewer to provide a visual representation of regional energy data.

The LEAP training supportd collective capacity building through the enhancement of knowledge and skills for energy planning in electric utilities, electricity regulatory agencies, government ministries and agencies responsible for sustainable energy planning and emissions mitigation, and academia.

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