Job Description:     Energy Policy Associate

Organization:          CARICOM Secretariat

Duty‑station:           Georgetown, Guyana


The Regional Energy Apprenticeship Programme (REAP) was recently established to identify and engage “young talents” from an academically diverse background. In particular, the REAP intends to enhance the skills and education profile of participants, through a period of extensive and qualified work experience on sustainable energy matters, whilst providing valuable insight into the regional energy sector, through the institutions that serve CARICOM countries.

Based at the Energy Unit of the CARICOM Secretariat, the Energy Policy Associate will obtain extensive knowledge about the energy sector, in general, and comprehensive work experience within the area of policies and regulations on energy, in particular. Critically, also, the Associate will be provided with an opportunity to tackle key sector challenges, with responsibilities that provide opportunities to influence decision-making. An expectation is that the Associate will make valuable connections with useful references for future career endeavours.


The duration of the assignments is eight months, working through the duty‑station at the CARICOM Secretariat Headquarters in Georgetown, Guyana.

The tasks of the Energy Policy Associate will be performed remotely, due to COVID‑19 safety guidelines. Nevertheless, arrangements will be made to promote substantial virtual collaboration, teamwork, and networking opportunities, throughout the assignment.


Under the supervision of the Programme Manager, and reporting through the Project Officer, the Energy Policy Associate will be responsible for supporting the Energy Unit of the CARICOM Secretariat on major topical matters on energy and energy‑related policies and regulations. This would include:

  • Conducting research and analyses, and provide input, on specific policy and regulatory issues on energy within the CARICOM region;
  • Conducting research and analyses, and provide input, on the “state” of energy policies and regulations within the region, to include the appropriate comparisons with global best practices; and
  • Following and reporting on key developments in global and regional geopolitics and public policies that can impact existing and prospective energy and energy‑related policies, strategies and plans with the region, as a whole, and Member States, in particular.


The Energy Policy Associate will be required to perform a “mix” of analytical, research and networking functions and tasks. These would include:

  • Work in collaboration with the Secretariat, Institutions and Member States of CARICOM to collect and evaluate information on energy policies, plans and regulations within the region, especially to support work that is geared towards, inter alia, the identification of “inconsistencies” among the policies, plans and regulations, as well as to determine their “suitability” to support the countries, in particular, and the region, in general, in the pursuit of their targets and notional aspirations on energy and climate change.
  • Conduct independent research and analyses on the CARICOM Energy Policy and the C‑SERMS, to support understanding on, inter alia, the degree of harmonization with country‑level policies and strategies and the identification of appropriate options and intervention points for updating and modernizing the policy and strategy.
  • Conduct independent research and analyses to support the development of concept documents, position papers, reports and other publications on polices and regulations for sustainable energy and related matters that are appropriate to the region.
  • Assist with the preparation for events on policy and regulations, to include support with documentation, planning, outreach, logistics, management and reporting related to same.
  • Conduct independent research and analyses, as well as provide other inputs, to support the preparation of applications by Member States, and the review of applications by the Application Review Facility (ARF) and the Oversight Committee (OC), for the CARICOM Energy Policy and Regulations Help Desk.
  • Conduct independent research and analysis, as well as provide other inputs, to support the policy and regulatory aspects of existing and planned initiatives, programmes, projects and activities within the region.
  • Perform other tasks, as assigned by the supervisor.


The Energy Policy Associate must comply with the following requirements:

General requirements

  • Candidates must be a citizen of a CARICOM Member State.
  • Candidates must be a recent graduate from a University, with no more than one‑year working experience.

Academic requirements

Candidates should possess a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree, or equivalent, in Law, with specialization in Energy Law, Energy Policy or similar area.

Strong consideration will also be given to:

Candidates with a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree, or equivalent, in Law, with separate, additional qualification and/or experience within the engineering or natural sciences and/or the energy sector.

Candidates with a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree, or equivalent, in Engineering or Natural Sciences, with separate, additional qualification and/or experience in law, policy or similar area.

Specific knowledge requirements

Working knowledge and/or experience on sustainable energy issues, to include renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency applications, and the policies that are related to the promotion of same.

General knowledge, skill and other requirements

  • Computer proficiency, to include experience with Microsoft Office and Internet‑based applications, to include MS Word and MS Excel, as well as various file‑sharing, collaboration, social media and communication platforms.
  • Fluency in English (writing and speaking)
  • Strong research and analytical skills
  • Strong writing, presentation and other communication skills
  • Effective inter‑personal and stakeholder management skills
  • Ability to function effectively within a team with diverse sociocultural backgrounds
  • Ability to work independently, and on own‑initiative
  • Ability to work under pressure, to meet “tight” deadlines

To apply for the Energy Policy Associate postion, applicants must download the application form and the context of role overview and submit the completed application form to  along with the following documentation:

  • A curriculum vitae, no more than 90 days old, detailing the bio profile of the applicant, qualifications, relevant experience (where possible) and references;
  • A statement of philosophy, no longer than 500 words, indicating the reasons and motivation for participation in the Programme and interest in the area of preferred focus

For an extended overview of the CARICOM Energy Programme and the Energy Policy Associate role, download the role context here: Download here


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