CSEF CARICOM Energy Dialogues

November 16-19, 2020 

The Regional Energy Dialogues was a four-day panel discussion drawing from the expertise of former regional Energy Ministers, institution leaders, utility managers and innovation leaders to provide insight into the actions and strategies through which countries can ‘shift their energy systems away from traditional, legacy designs’ to modern, smart and resilient alternatives capable of more effectively supporting their sustainable development needs.  

Session One: ‘Reflections and Outlooks’ featured a panel of past Energy Ministers discussing the collective progression CARICOM Member States have made on sustainable energy with a focus on the benefits of taking advantage of regional solutions for enhancing energy integration. 

View Session One of the Energy Dialogues here: https://bit.ly/CEMDialogues1 

Session Two: ‘Visions and Innovations’ featured a panel of regional energy institution leaders providing insight on how CARICOM States can make more effective, strategic policy and business decisions about the region’s energy transition. 

View Session Two of the Energy Dialogues here: https://bit.ly/CEMDialogues2 

Session Three: ‘Grid Integration of Renewable Energy’ featured a panel of utility managers discussing their experience of the impact of renewable energy on the grid. 

View Session Three of the Energy Dialogues here: https://bit.ly/CEMDialogue3 

Session Four: ‘Fuel Cells and Hydrogen’ featured a panel of regional energy innovation leaders discussing the advances of global technology and the prioritisation of hydrogen fuel cells on CARICOM’s sustainable energy agenda. 

 View Session Four of the Energy Dialogues here: https://bit.ly/CEMDialogues4