Bernd Gaber has worked in the field of sustainability and renewable energy for the past 24-years. His accumulated experience in the sector has been enriched by his extensive knowledge and expertise in various areas of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. He first began his education as a technician, which then led him to further his training as an Energy Technologist in Germany.  It is during this time he was able to establish the foundational wisdom which has helped to shape his career, ultimately acquiring significant knowledge and practical experience in Renewable Energy and Energy Consultancy. One of his first such engagements was with German company VEH Solar- u. Energy Systems where he was tasked with leading project development, an experience he credits as being one of his most memorable and informative to date.

In 2001, he moved to the island of Samsø-Denmark where he founded the company EnergyTech – Renewable Energy.  At that time, the organisation primarily dealt with wind and solar energy systems, more recently however, their work has been focused on energy efficiencies and cost reduction programs. In addition to this undertaking, he was also contracted to act as an adviser to the Danish Energy Authority – Energistyrelsen. 

During this time on the island of Samsø, Mr. Gaber simultaneously worked for the Samsø Energy Academy as an Advisor in Sustainability ensuring that their energy project was converted to a 100% self -reliant renewable energy system. After a successful 5-year engagement with Energy Academy, he was then contracted as a project leader for a three-year programme supported by the European Union. The project involved the streamlining of Energy Efficiency and Sustainability efforts for the Canary Islands, Crete and Samsø, which lacked a proper sustainable energy supply as well as the necessary infrastructure at that time. Here he was tasked with conducting the energy planning for the project as well as the financial calculations required.

Mr. Gaber currently acts as the Advisor for the Climate Resilience and Sustainable Energy Supply in the Caribbean (Cli-RES) Project, shaping the development of functional energy models for the project.

Cli-RES Key Contact

Mr. Bernd Gabers

Advisor for the Climate Resilience and Sustainable Energy Supply in the Caribbean (Cli-RES) Project

Mr Bernd Garbers
Advisor, Climate Resilient and Sustainable Energy Supply in the Caribbean (Cli-RES)
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