CCREEE Workshop Series Focuses on Demand Projection and Demand Side Management

The Caribbean Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (CCREEE) has been hosting a series of virtual capacity building sessions to help prepare regional energy actors for the future of the electricity sector. The CCREEE is mandated to help develop and deliver Integrated Resource and Resilience Plans (IRRPs) for several CARICOM Member States. The workshops seek to address critical elements of the IRRP process and build institutional capacity for energy planning throughout CARICOM. 

In its April 13th session, the CCREEE invited energy planning professionals and academics to attend a two-hour capacity building session on Basic Demand Projection. The session was facilitated by the University of the West Indies (UWI), St. Augustine campus Faculty of Engineering and featured presentations from Energy Systems Professor Mr. Chandrabhan Sharma and Energy Lecturer, Dr Sanjay Bahadoorsingh.

Professor Sharma kicked off the session with a presentation on the basics of the demand projection, which he termed ‘Forecasting 101’, and defined key terms used when forecasting power loads. Building on the foundation laid by Professor Sharma, Dr. Bahadoorsingh followed up with a more technically in-depth presentation on power load forecasting and discussed factors to consider when forecasting and how those factors can affect the demand projection. 

A full recording of the session can be viewed here: The full presentation can be found here: 

The CCREEE followed up the Demand Projection presentation on Thursday, April 22nd, with a capacity building session on Demand Side Management (DSM). 

This session featured an introductory presentation on the various methods of DSM, such as financial incentives and behavioural changes through education and awareness and traditional and emerging applications in demand-side management, taking into consideration climate variability.

Professor Sharma once again laid the foundation for DSM, helping attendees understand its primary objective: to use less energy during peak hours. Dr. Bahadoorsingh’s presentation followed, discussing the evolution of DSM Technology. 

A full recording of the session can be viewed here: The full presentation can be found here: