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Greening the Caribbean Curriculum


The people who will ultimately fulfil CARICOM’s sustainable development goals are currently sitting in classrooms across the Caribbean. Those students will soon be developing and implementing clean energy policies and renewable energy programmes that will enable the region to proceed into its clean energy future. In order to take up the mantle, they need a firm grounding in the changes coming to the regional energy landscape. To provide that foundation, TAPSEC collaborated with the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) and the University of Guyana in 2020 to invite educators from across the region to plan, design and develop an updated curriculum. [...]

Greening the Caribbean Curriculum2022-09-20T21:12:11+00:00

Renewable Energy Academic Excellence at the New Microgrid Training Centre


The success of the Caribbean's shift to sustainability depends on the people currently preparing to lead the way. These budding scientists and engineers are currently pursuing tertiary-level studies in areas such as environmental physics, power engineering, alternative energy and renewable energy technology. In order to chart the path forward, these future pioneers need hands-on experience with the technology that will enable the region to move away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy resources. As the first centre of excellence for renewable base microgrid and SMART grid training in the Northern Caribbean, the Microgrid Training Centre provides this opportunity to [...]

Renewable Energy Academic Excellence at the New Microgrid Training Centre2022-09-20T21:01:40+00:00

The Region’s Energy Future in Good Hands


The Region’s Energy Future in Good Hands As an important component of TAPSEC’s commitment to regional capacity development, the Regional Energy Apprenticeship Programme (REAP) provided young professionals with opportunities to gain valuable technical expertise in various areas of CARICOM’s sustainable energy sector. The Programme was conceptualised by the CARICOM Secretariat Energy Unit (CCS) and implemented by TAPSEC in collaboration with the regional institutions at which the internships were provided. It was targeted at recent graduates and university students who were close to completing their studies in the areas of Renewable Energy, Natural or Environmental Sciences, Engineering, Development Studies, Economics and [...]

The Region’s Energy Future in Good Hands2022-09-20T20:58:31+00:00

The UWI Mona: Leading the Charge Towards Regional Energy Sustainability in Tertiary Education


Tertiary educational institutions have a critical part to play in the regional transition towards sustainable energy. As the portal through which burgeoning energy professionals step into the regional energy sector and the main means through which existing energy professionals enhance their skill sets, they are incredibly influential in terms of orienting their students towards regional goals. Tertiary educational institutions also help to guide governmental policy decisions across the region through their research. They were therefore among some of the most important participants in TAPSEC’s overall mission, none more than the University of the West Indies Mona Campus (The UWI Mona).  As [...]

The UWI Mona: Leading the Charge Towards Regional Energy Sustainability in Tertiary Education2022-08-31T23:13:47+00:00

Creating the Caribbean’s Sustainable Energy Future Through Education


Environmental education is a vital part of creating the changes that will shift the Caribbean towards sustainable energy development. So says Dr. Paulette Bynoe, Deputy Dean of the School of Graduate Studies and Research at the University of Guyana (UG). She would know, having led the team contracted by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)-implemented TAPSEC programme to partner with the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) to “Green” the regional secondary and post-secondary curricula.  Alongside her team, Dr. Bynoe worked to integrate elements of energy conservation, renewable energy and energy efficiency into ten CSEC and CAPE subjects. The ultimate aim was [...]

Creating the Caribbean’s Sustainable Energy Future Through Education2022-08-31T23:03:55+00:00

Gathering Essential Information for CARICOM’s Sustainable Energy Future with Help from OLADE


We live in the information age. At a time when information technology sits at the core of worldwide development and when access to information directly impacts a nation’s ability to provide opportunities for its citizenry, information is very much the key to unlocking CARICOM’s sustainable future. For this vibrant region comprising various cultures and people and connected by a drive to reach that future, strong collaboration is the fuel needed to drive CARICOM to its destination. Created in 1973, the Latin American Energy Organisation (OLADE) exists to integrate Latin American and Caribbean countries through the development of the regional energy sector. [...]

Gathering Essential Information for CARICOM’s Sustainable Energy Future with Help from OLADE2022-08-31T23:00:49+00:00

CXC: Leading the Educational Shift Towards Sustainability with TAPSEC’s Support


The ideal Caribbean person is someone who lives in harmony with their physical and social environment. This is the perspective of Latoya Wedderburn-Rose, a manager in the Syllabus and Curriculum Development Department at the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC). Her organisation is the region’s examinations and awarding body with responsibility for developing the syllabuses used to prepare students for regional examinations. It is also one of TAPSEC’s partners in the “Mainstreaming Green Learning Concepts in the Educational Syllabus” project, which was designed to help create the ideal Caribbean person to drive the regional shift towards sustainability. CXC’s mandate, which it has undertaken [...]

CXC: Leading the Educational Shift Towards Sustainability with TAPSEC’s Support2022-08-31T23:00:46+00:00

Pursuing Regional Sustainability Through Energy Efficiency with CROSQ


A standard is only as strong as the agreement on which it rests and widely agreed-upon quality standards help business to flow freely within the Caribbean and throughout the world. An awareness of this fact guides the efforts of the  CARICOM Regional Organisation for Standards and Quality (CROSQ). Since 2002, the organisation has been tasked with facilitating the development of regional standards, promoting the compatibility of measurement systems and supporting the sustainable production and trade of goods and services throughout the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME). Through a collaborative network of 15 Bureaus of Standards (one for each CARICOM Member [...]

Pursuing Regional Sustainability Through Energy Efficiency with CROSQ2022-09-04T05:37:28+00:00

A Commitment to Collaboration at the Heart of CARILEC’s Mission


For more than 30 years, the Caribbean Electric Utility Services Corporation (CARILEC) has been at the forefront of regional energy development. From its beginning in 1989 as a nine-member electric utilities modernisation project to its current incarnation as the leading regional association of more than 100 electric energy solution providers, CARILEC has championed the growth and evolution of the regional energy sector.  The organisation’s strategic approach to creating that growth lies in its commitment to collaboration, which happens to be its primary value, alongside innovation and agility; high ethical and professional standards; and social and environmental responsibility. In recognition of the [...]

A Commitment to Collaboration at the Heart of CARILEC’s Mission2022-09-04T05:37:52+00:00

A Regional Sustainable Energy Transition For Us, By Us


The success of the regional sustainable energy transition depends on more than the availability of renewable energy resources and energy-efficient technology. It requires more than experts ready and able to lead the charge. While these things are, of course, critical to the Caribbean's effort to shift toward a low-carbon, sustainable and resilient pathway, they are not enough to get us there. To be successful, the region must believe in its ability to develop and implement the solutions necessary to reach sustainability. This faith is what will guide us to our ultimate goal: a future in which all CARICOM citizens have access [...]

A Regional Sustainable Energy Transition For Us, By Us2022-09-04T05:38:28+00:00


The Technical Assistance Programme for Sustainable Energy in the Caribbean (TAPSEC) aims to support the region’s transition to a low-carbon, sustainable and climate-compatible development pathway, by increasing and improving access to modern, affordable and sustainable energy services.

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